One Ring in Red Zircon

This is a modern version of the classic elegant solitaire style ring. This silver ring is for the trendier fashionista in your life. The red adds personality to the ring and makes it trendy enough for you to wear daily or to parties.

The vibrant red stone is polished, cut, and set to perfection. The brilliant ring can be a great addition to any collection

Made with our guaranteed pure 925 sterling silver (Chaandi) with A++ quality violet Cubic Zirconia.


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Product Care Guide

Jewelry care guide

Don’t Touch It Often

We understand that you love your jewelry and its beauty is so mesmerizing that you want to touch and feel it every time you wear it. But touching your jewelry constantly will steal its shine as the oil from your skin will be transferred to the stone and metal, making it appear lusterless. Moreover, rings are in maximum contact to the skin and fade quicker than other forms of jewelry. The gold plated rings lose the plating because of constant sweat released from the skin. Thus, clean your rings often so the oils and sweat don’t stay longer on them, making the shine last longer.

Store Them Carefully

Store your jewelry in its original box rather than putting it randomly anywhere. Hard surfaces will leave scratches on the metal and will damage the plated jewelry. Once a stone is damaged, it is impossible to restore its original luster and shine. Also, avoid placing all you jewelry together in one box. When metal rub together, they get scratched and lose their original beauty. Always keep your jewelry in its box or bag or if you want to keep it somewhere else, wrap it in a soft tissue and place it securely and separately.

Take it Off When Required

There are times when you should take your jewelry off. It’s better to take your jewelry off during any activity that involve the use of chemical e.g., cleaning and gardening. As mentioned, chemical will damage the metal and steal the shine of stones. Moreover, remove your jewelry during any vigorous activity e.g. while rigorous cleaning or sports as it will cause the stone to chip and can also remove the stone from its setting. Keep your jewelry away from perfume, lotion and makeup as they will accumulate in the tiny gaps of your jewelry, making it difficult to clean. It’s not necessary to keep wearing your jewelry every time. Wear it when it’s worth wearing.
Remember, genuine jewelry requires extra care. Gold and silver themselves are worthy and the stones are highly valuable. Thus, when you have something that precious, you should always take measures to keep it safe and lasting, so can wear your favorite jewelry as long as you can!

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PRO TIP: If your measurement falls between two ring sizes, than choose the larger size. Our standard order size is ASIA Size.

ASIA Size USA Size Circumference Diameter
10 5.25 50.0mm 15.9mm
11 5.75 50.9mm 16.2mm
12 6 51.8mm 16.5mm
13 6.5 52.8mm 16.8mm
14 7 54.0mm 17.2mm
15 7.25 55.0mm 17.5mm
16 7.75 55.9mm 17.8mm
17 8 56.9mm 18.1mm
18 8.5 57.8mm 18.4mm
19 8.75 59.1mm 18.8mm
20 9.25 60.0mm 19.1mm
21 9.5 60.9mm 19.4mm
22 10 61.9mm 19.7mm
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