Naseem Goldwards

Naseem Goldwards

Naseem Goldwards is a rewards point program of Naseem Bazaar. We know how much our loyal customers love to save some money on their purchases, so we have made earning our Goldwards points easier and more enjoyable for our loyal customers with no expiry on points.

How to earn Naseem Goldwards points

You can earn our special Goldwards points on signup, by placing first order and each time you shop with us. Every purchase gives you points that can be redeemed against future shopping.

More ways to add to your Naseem Goldwards points

01. You can get 5 points if you share your referral link to someone and you can get more 25 points when your referred person make 1st order at our store.

02. You can get 25 points if you review the purchased products at store.

03. You can get 25 points to review us on Google at clicking here.

04. You can get 25 points to review us on Facebook at clicking here.

05. You can get 10 points on your birthday by setting up your date of birth in “My account” details.

Naseem Goldwards points table

On Signup
When signup on
On First Order
When you made first order of any amount
Per Products
Each items have points based on categories
75 ~ 125
On Referral
When a person signup with your referrel link
Referral Purchase
When a reffered person complete his/her first order
On your birthday, if date is setup in your "My Account" details
Product Reviews
When you review your purchased products
Facebook Reviews
When you review us on our Facebook page
Google Reviews
When you review us on our Google page

Frequently Asked Questions

Signup and Referrals points are credited to your account immediately. Product purchase points will be added once order status will be changed to “Completed” from “Processing”.

Yes, because your comments on purchased products required our admin approval. Once its approved, point will be add automatically to your account.

Once you made reviews on our Google and Facebook pages, you must provide us a proof like screenshots or some other details by sending email to us at admin[at] Our team will check your provided details and then approve your Goldwards points.

Yes you can redeem your Goldwards point on your purchases.

You must have minimum 175 Goldwards point to start redeem on your next purchases. The maximum limit to redeem is 5000 points on one order.

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